100 romantic things to do

5) Sending a love poem

Being romanced for most people is a wonderful thing. I think one of the most romantic, and perhaps brave, gestures is to send a a love poem that captures how you feel. My husband and I have spent time seeking out some great ones (along with my best friend Helen). Those of you who are confident enough with words can offer the ultimate gift of a handwritten poem. We’d love any of you to share these with us.

One thing we have struggled with is finding a good collection of love poems. Through our business ‘The I Love You Shop’ we are really looking forward to putting our own collection together. Too many of those on offer are filled with doom, gloom and heartache. Not an ideal romantic gift.

For now, one of my favorites is Christopher Marlow’s The Passionate Shepherd to His Love published in 1599.

Come live with me and be my love, 
And we will all the pleasures prove, 
That Valleys, groves, hills, and fields, 
Woods, or steepy mountain yields. 

And we will sit upon the Rocks, 
Seeing the Shepherds feed their flocks, 
By shallow Rivers to whose falls 
Melodious birds sing Madrigals. 

And I will make thee beds of Roses 
And a thousand fragrant posies, 
A cap of flowers, and a kirtle 
Embroidered all with leaves of Myrtle

A gown made of the finest wool 
Which from our pretty Lambs we pull; 
Fair lined slippers for the cold, 
With buckles of the purest gold; 

A belt of straw and Ivy buds, 
With Coral clasps and Amber studs: 
And if these pleasures may thee move, 
Come live with me, and be my love. 

The Shepherds’ Swains shall dance and sing 
For thy delight each May-morning: 
If these delights thy mind may move, 
Then live with me, and be my love.

Have a wonderful time together

100 romantic things to do.

4) Counting the days we’ve been together

It all started with a blackboard that we had before our wedding where my husband used to write ‘the number of days until we say I do.’ After the wedding he changed this to ‘the number of days since we said I do.’ Last Christmas I got a further surprise. A treasure chest with crystals representing each day we had been together, with some special ones for days like our wedding, Valentines and anniversaries. Every now and then I get a packet of new ones to add to keep the days up to date. It’s lovely every time. Romantic gestures can be such a joyous part of a relationship. Next week see’s 1500 days since we have been together- a big pile of diamonds with no stones or days of doubt.

100 romantic things to do.

3) Holding hands

I can’t say I’ve spent too much time thinking about this before, but for me holding hands with my husband is one of life’s pleasures. It’s just something that we do and have always done. An important part of our weekend stroll into town, trips to the pub, shopping together- we pretty much hold hands all the time. It turns these pretty mundane things into special time together.

Just like kissing , holding hands has been shown to increase oxytocin, which is sometimes referred to as the ‘love hormone’. It’s been shown that cortisol levels, released in times of stress, can be lowered through this simple gesture.

When you think about it there are many different ways to hold a hand, interlocked fingers can be quite an intense and passionate display of affection compared to an everyday comfortable grasp! My husband’s ability to juggle the shopping into one hand whenever he can to leave one free to take my hand is something maybe I take for granted too often. I don’t think this will ever stop and it’s still a pleasure to see my parents (at nearly 80) after over 50 years of marriage do the same. Happy hand holding!

100 romantic things to do.

2) Make a coffee with a heart on top.

We’re looking to share our top 100 romantic things to do. We appreciate that different things appeal to different people, that’s why we’re giving you plenty of things to choose from! Following on from our first post about leaving notes, why not make your loved one a coffee with a heart on top like a true barista? No need to buy a metal coffee stencil unless you really want to. Just cut a heart from a piece of cardboard and create your own. Sprinkle on some cocoa and make someone’s day. Making someone feel loved really is that simple!


100 romantic things to do.

1) Leave a love note.

I remember a friend of mine telling me how her and her husband left love notes for each other every now and then. I thought this was a lovely idea. Several years later when I met my husband, I was thrilled when he left notes for me. find one under my pillow, usually on days when he was working away, or would go out to my car and find one under the windscreen. Amazing how the simplest of gestures can mean so much.

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me! I’m planning my blog will be a mix of thoughts on love, relationships and romantic things to do.   My blog sets out to promote spontaneous acts of thoughtfulness for the one you love, not just buying thoughtful things, but expressing the way we feel when we have found that special person who makes life complete.  Whether you’re starting out on a relationship that is wonderful and new, building a beautiful partnership or enjoying long lasting love, I’m hoping we can share some perspectives which celebrate the feelings that go with all these stages.    I’m sure along the way I’ll get to know a little about you all, and you’ll find out a little about me – and my soulmate.

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